AKA AND Blessed Wooden Wall Plaque

AKA AND Blessed Wooden Wall Plaque
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A custom AKA AND Blessed Wooden Plaque Design just for you, your AKA Chapter, for your AKA friend(s), AKA Line, Line Sister(s), a friend, family member, or more.

The wooden plaques come in different types of designs. Because they are customly build and designed, they may not look the same unless we receive a special order that you would like if you want it to look the same. Each is customly made and specially designed.


This wooden plaque's size consist of:

  • Approximately 15 inches X 5 inches




For additional wooden paddle, plaque or board customizations or if you would like your very own customed designed paddle, plaque or board, read click here

For special orders please give us a call. For bulk orders not available on this site, please call us and we will take your order by phone. 866-216-0696, XT 4


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