Design Your Own Custom Paddle or Plaque

Design Your Own Custom Paddle or Plaque
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We will personally design a Custom Paddle Design for you, your sorority or fraternity chapter, for your friend(s), sorority or fraternity line, line sister(s) or brother(s), or organization, wall decoration, business fun, school class, school organization, school club, office, sports fun, and more.

The wooden paddles come in different types of designs. Because they are customly build and designed, they may not look the same unless we receive a special order that you would like if you want it to look the same. What is written on the sample paddle is only a sample, if you wish your own written sample, click on the blue square and send us your written information and or design.


This wooden paddle's size consist of:

  • 15 inches X 2.5 inches     $45.99
  • 18 inches X 5.5 inches     $59.99
  • 22 inches X 5.5 inches     $78.99
  • 25 inches X 5.5 inches     $86.99  (Long Paddle)
  • 36 inches X 7 inches (3 ft X 5.5 inches)     $255.99
  • 48 inches X 7 inches X .8 inches (4 ft X 7 inches X .8 inches)     $385.99



















For additional wooden paddle, plaque or board customizations or if you would like your very own customed designed paddle, plaque, or board read below for instructions. 

For special orders please give us a call. For bulk orders not available on this site, please call us and we will take your order by phone. 866-216-0696, XT 4








For Custom Orders for your sorority, fraternity, or school organization, please click on the blue or red button below to upload your information to go on your board or paddle.


By customizing this item you must upload your artwork, design or logo below by clicking on the blue button "UPLOAD ART WORK/LOGO HERE" before you purchase this item. If you need us to design your product, click the red button below that says, "ARTWORK, DESIGN,OR LOGO NEEDED" and fill out the information on in the Upload Center and a Design Representative will contact your shortly.






Upload your own artwork, design, or logo (optional if apply). 

Need help? Please contact us for a price quote. 1-866-216-0696.



Click the red button to request for us to do a custom artwork, design, or logo (optional if apply). Need help? Please contact us for a price quote. 1-866-216-0696.



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