BIC Evolution Cased Pencil, #2 Lead, Yellow Barrel

BIC Evolution Cased Pencil, #2 Lead, Yellow Barrel
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Pencils are the Next Generation Pencil! With break-resistant #2 HB lead, each pencil is pre-sharpened and ready for writing right out of the package. Mistakes are easy to erase with the durable, latex-free attached erasers. Barrels are splinter-free, even when snapped, and are certified non-toxic, making these pencils perfect for school. BIC Evolution Pencils are available with classic yellow or modern gray barrels. Great addition to your school supplies, office, college oragnization, or company meeting.


Detailed Look: 

  • Premium #2 HB lead pencils with break-resistant lead and splinter-free barrels
  • Durable, long-lasting leads and erasers
  • Latex-free erasers easily erase stray marks
  • Classic yellow barrels
  • Pack of 18, 24, or 48 certified non-toxic pencils ideal for home, office or classroom





bic evolution pencils for school supplies

Great For School, Office Or Home

This pencil has splinter-free barrels, BIC Evolution Pencils are perfect for kids, students, and other young writers. Hands are safe from splintered wood, even if the pencil barrel is snapped. Evolution pencils are certified non-toxic, making them a smart choice for school use and homework. With their classic yellow barrels, these pencils really are a fit for everything you need.











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