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Ethel Morale Gathers
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The author of Church Culture: What Members Dare Not Say is vested in:

     * Drawing attention to church practices not conducive to church growth and spiritual maturity

     * Offering biblical solutions in welcoming a church culture of compliance with the Word of God

     * Addressing critical issues which church members dare not say

Editorial Reviews


"In her book Church Culture: What Members Dare Not Say, the author spells out the primary purpose of ministry and the responsibilities of both, church leaders and church members. Her brilliant, well crafted, powerful, and thought-provoking questions serve as a guide to ascertain which direction "your" church is moving -one that uplifts the Word of God, or one that leads to failure. A must read for all churches, large or small, regardless of denomination." --Joyce Robertson, Author of Like Dad Use to Say And The Biography of a Woman who Did it All.

"Liberating is the word that best describes Ethel Gathers' book, Church Culture What Members Dare Not Say. It gives the reader three things: 1. understanding of the wrongs going on inside some of our churches, 2. a true scriptural basis for each situation, and 3. the power to say, "No more!" This well-written, compassionate, and scripturally based book pours light on a dark subject and will bring healing to many." --Anita M. McLaurin, Children's Book Author, My Father Said I Could.

"Outside of the Word of God and the workings of the Holy Spirit, church culture has the power to shape the Church into what Christ said we should and could be. A well-written book noting the writer's experiences, and commentary supported by skillful scrutiny of scripture puts What Members Dare Not Say into perspective. It highlights how the Church can do better and come into the unity of the faith." --Dorinda Rolle, PhD, Author, Martyrs for the Movement: Black bodies, Civil Rights and #BlackLivesMatter.

"What a powerful message to Church leaders on accountability in this book Church Culture: What Members Dare Not Say. The message to the church is to return to being the spiritual cornerstone of the community minus the layers of infrastructure that create division. The church's role is to be a sacred place that offers comfort, spiritual stability and endorses obedience to His commands and statutes!" --Mary Wooldridge, Author of Recipe for FORGIVENESS: A Choice Delight for a Richer Life!

"Ethel is an outstanding author with a mission to win church structure from a Biblical stand-point. CHURCH CULTURE: WHAT MEMBERS DARE NOT SAY brings truth and accountability to the church and leadership with a two-edge sword. It is a great read with conviction of how the church should operate under the direction of the Holy Spirit." --Heavenly Realm Publishing




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