Metal Electric Wax Warmer

Metal Electric Wax Warmer
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  • If you’re looking for a more unique and modern design wax warmer, you can definitely go with this one. It comes with two 40W bulbs and a pack of lavender scented wax. With the help of edison bulb, you can easily melt the wax. Candle warmer comes with a removable top cover to meet all your needs. You can remove the top cover to get more fragrance out of your wax. The sand blasting material ensures that it can last for a longer period of time with almost no wear and tear.
  • Electric wax warmer does not produce any kind of smoke and neither does it pollute the ambiance of the room. 40W of power glow which is produced by the bulb will warm the wax gently. It means that higher the wattage of the bulb is, the faster is the spread of the fragrance. The heating speed will save both money and energy.
  • Lavender Wax Cube Blocks - SALKING lavender wax melts are hand poured wax infused with essential oils to create a highly fragrance aroma use with the wax melt warmer. Fragrance wax per packet of 4 cubes and this wax melts melt well is highly effective against pet odors. Its long-lasting effect makes your home or office smell good. All you need to do is to just plug in the electric wax burner and turn it ON and you will be able to get the fragrance smell quite easily. It’s an excellent option to freshen your air.
  • Relaxing Night Light - If you’re looking for a wax warmers for scents which can work as a light source, SALKING fragrance warmer are designed to warm scented oils and wax creating the glow and ambiance of a burning candle while releasing the fragrance into the home or office. Warming Bulb illuminates warmer creating a relaxing mood. With the help of the oil burner, it will become easier for you to create a romantic ambiance in your home or romantic room. 
  • Cute Gift Alert - Wax warmer for scented wax works as a great gift, there is no flame and glow is pretty gentle. Beautiful design which makes it a great gift and decorative item for Christmas, birthdays, house warming, wedding present, and more! Wax warmers is an affordable luxury and the best options to spread fragrance in your home or office and make the ambiance more comfortable. 
  • Product Size: 4.62 X 4.62 X 7.5 inch.



Important information

Safety Information:
Please do not splash the plug before use to avoid unnecessary fire.



Please make sure that the product is in good condition before use. Please do not splash the plug before use to avoid unnecessary fire. You should always read the labels, warnings and instructions provided with the product before using or consuming it and not solely rely on the information presented on our website. Please keep out of reach of children.



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