Scotty a Tiny Little Westie has a Story to Tell

Scotty a Tiny Little Westie has a Story to Tell
  • Item #: 9780982880258
By, Edda Brigitte Walsleben
Juvenile Fiction: Animals & Dogs
Soft Cover
ISBN: 9780982880258
The hero of this story is a tiny little "Westie" named Scottward Phillip McScotch the First. His mother Lizzy Margerite McBetharr gave birth to five puppies and Scotty was the "Runt" of the litter. He was a tiny, scrawny, skinny little pup at birth, with a very long name. He didn't like his long name; he wanted to be called Scotty. Scotty is a very friendly little puppy, and he chooses a name to be just like him, short and friendly. He learned very early in life that being different may make one's life rather difficult, it's all very confusing if you're as tiny as little Scotty was. He wrote every day's events into his little Diary, but most importantly he kept a sunny outlook on life. Scotty's book is a story of joy and of sadness; of excitement, disappointment, and love. It's the story of a very courageous lovable tiny little "Westie" who named himself Scotty.


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