Appetizers for the Soul

Appetizers for the Soul
  • Item #: 9780982558904
By, Aurva Hooey  
Fiction: Christian Short Stories & Theatrical Plays  
Soft Cover 
ISBN: 978-0-9825589-0-4  
The title "Appetizers for the Soul" is a metaphor that can be well described. It represents a prerequisite to something exciting that is about to happen. These collections of short plays were written to perform, preceding the main speaker of an event; to translate the meaning of special holidays; or to provide entertainment at family reunions. Most of these plays are basically written with serious plots; however, some may seem to have plots of serendipitous occurrences. Some are destined to be humorous, depending on the selection of characters. All plays in this collection have been performed at several events, and have been perceived as being very enjoyable, entertaining, and fulfilling. They have received many accolades and many persons from different organizations and churches have expressed how they can relate to the experiences found in many of them. These plays are all low-budget, but according to one's budget, they may be more realistic by enhancing the sets and using authentic costumes. So, while browsing through the pages of this book, think about how challenging and rewarding it might be to present one of these plays to the audience of your choice. 


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