The Cat Hildegard is a Bully

The Cat Hildegard is a Bully
  • Item #: 9781937911362
By, Edda Brigitte Walsleben
Fiction: General
Soft Cover
ISBN: 9781937911362
Once upon a time there was a farmer who lived on a huge ranch near Louisville, Texas (population 1,212). The farmer's name was John Catastrophe, and his wife's name was Kitty. John and Kitty were kind country folks who loved all animals very much. John and Kitty were known to have a soft spot especially for cats. Full-grown cats and kittens; mean old tomcats and sweet little strays- they love all cats, and cats love them back. At any given time, there are at least 10 to 15 cats residing at the ranch. John and Kitty let the cats decide where they want to live because some of them are more comfortable in the barn, while others prefer the big farm house. Either way John and Kitty provide love and care to every cat knocking at their door looking for shelter. Now as we all know there is nothing unusual about a ranch with a lot of cats. Many farmers welcome cats because cats help keep mice and other rodents under control. However, there's a slight difference between John and Kitty and their cats; John and Kitty can actually talk to cats, and the cats understand the farmer and Kitty and the cats talk to them as well. John and Kitty have a wonderful relationship with all of the cats on the ranch, cats are treated like family. This story talks about fourteen cats living at the ranch, and about one cat that comes by and he'll spend the wintertime each year at the ranch. All the cats are different in looks and personality, but they get along just fine. John and Kitty love there life, they love their farm animals and they enjoy living and working on the ranch, but they're very close to their cat friends. Every cat living with John and Kitty have found the best home and the best people a cat could ask for. The ranch was always maintained by a very tight schedule John and his wife worked very hard. But holidays were celebrated humans and cats together with elaborate meals and good companionship. There were four barn cats Panther, Blue, Pooch and Klondike. They lived at the barn a long time and the barn was their home. Every year in the fall they were joined by a black cat by the name of Drifter. One year before Drifter came to spend the winter, the barn cats were faced with a bully. A big orange female cat named Hildegard forced her way into their protected world. She was a bully and she took over the barn. Well sheltered and protected as they were the barn cats had no idea how to react in this situation. They were scared that mean Hildegard would hurt one of the little kittens so they just adjusted to the situation. It never occurred to any of them to tell John or Kitty what was going on. Thank goodness the story will end happy, but please see for yourself and have fun Reading.


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