The Little Bee That Would be Queen

The Little Bee That Would be Queen
  • Item #: 9781937911324
By, Edda Brigitte Walsleben
Juvenile Fiction: Animals/General
Soft Cover
ISBN: 9781937911324
Hello, I am the Bee-La-Bella. I live with my very large Bee-Family. Our home is located smack in the middle of a luscious green meadow outside of LaGrange, Texas. I have a wonderful family, but I also have my very good friend the Bee-La-Verra. I guess you'd say I am a happy Bee. But in general all Bees are happy; happy and busy! From the day we leave our cocoon we're busy. There are so many jobs to be done and we bees don't mind that at all. Our life is very structured and we Bees follow all orders given by our elders with out ever question the assignment. We know how important Bee-Work is in order to keep the food supply in balance. We Bees hatch out of our cocoon and we'll have a short time available to grow. Once we are out of the toddler age; work will begin and it never ends. Our Bee-Elders assign the different jobs to us. We have a Bee-Queen in our family she is the symbol of life for us she produces all the Bee-Eggs needed. That is her sole responsibility to make sure the population is always in balance. But my story is more about my friend and me and it shows you how different we are. Most Bees will never ever question their given chores or tamper with their identity, but my friend the Bee-La-Verra is the one in a million exceptions. I will tell you all about my friend's uncertainty of her life, but my story also will give every one a walk through of a Honey-Bee's Life. The next time you eat that delicious honey maybe you'll remember my story and you'll appreciate all Honey-Bees a lot more. And remember Honey-Bees are not mean, we're peace loving creatures, and with that I'll say "Bee Happy" 


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