When Ramona Got Her Groove Back from God

When Ramona Got Her Groove Back from God
  • Item #: 9780971487437
By, Stephanie Franklin 
Fiction: Romance General, Christian Romance
Hard Cover 
ISBN: 9780971487437  
Ramona Williams, a pretty faced, heavy set, single Christian woman that was making it from pay check to pay check. She battled with so many insecurities; Her weight, low self-esteem, her mind, fear, and so much more. Her so-called friend Michelle on the other hand, was an attractive, petite, wild, out-going; single woman who had everything going her way; the men, the expensive car, the high paying job, money, you name it. But she got it all the wrong way. Yet everything went her way. Because of Michelle's unbelief, she encouraged Ramona to loose her groove with God and got caught in sin. Tyrome who worked at the same firm, was tall, athletic, dark, and had skin like smooth chocolate. Gorgeous would be the best words to describe him. He at first seemed to be the love of Ramona's life, but later would prove to be her worst enemy. But because of God's mercy and grace, she over-came all of her obstacles and insecurities. 


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