Scotty the Little Westie Dog and His Diary

Scotty the Little Westie Dog and His Diary
  • Item #: 9781937911485
By, Edda Wasleben
Nature: Animals - General, Literary Criticism: Children's Literature - General
Soft Cover 
ISBN: 9781937911485 
pp 268 
The third book in the "Scotty" series features new and exciting adventures starring Scotty the little West Highland Terrier and his best friend, Schatzi. A lot of strange and unusual things happened during the past year - things that can change a little dog's daily routine completely. Leave it to Scotty and the entire gang to get things back in order, though. Little Scotty has a friendly, upbeat disposition, and Schatzi (a little female Westie) has her own recipe to make sure that dreams do come true. In this book, little Scotty tells stories loaded with fun, great companionship, and as usual his stories sparkle with excitement. Of course, Scotty and Schatzi don't solve all of their problems alone: They have a little help along the way from their big brother; Duffy (a ten year old Westie) Duffy is always ready to give advice -- and to play practical jokes on his unsuspecting younger siblings. Scotty's good friend Hank, on the other hand, gives advice that's solid and true. Other characters in this book include Nuttrina, a girl squirrel; Mrs. Irma, a fat, white cat; Sonja, one of Mrs. Irma's kittens; Gringo, Hank's son; and, last but not least, there is Margo. Margo is Scotty and Schatzi's big sister, but she doesn't participate in many of their activities. Margo is a 14-year-old rat terrier and she lives a very mysterious life in the master bedroom. Duffy, Margo, Scotty, and Schatzi live in harmony with their human parents, the Momma and the Papa Man. They all live together in the country, and they love each other very much.


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