The Locker Room Experience

The Locker Room Experience
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By, Stephanie Franklin
Sports & Recreation : Coaching - General
Soft Cover 
ISBN: 9781937911553 
pp 142
There are so many secret areas in athletes and coaches lives that is hidden for fear of what people may think or for fear of losing their spot. Factors below show struggles that hinder athletes and coaches from not getting recruited (athletes), getting hired (coaches), being the best athlete and coach they can be, or even being a successful parent as they follow their child (parents): • contemplation of suicide, • hidden abuse, • Lack of confidence in yourself and your abilities, • pressure to meet your parent's standards, your popular parents standards, or wealthy parents standards, • pressure of the missing father or mother's support, • the pressure of not being there for your child like you should have been in the past, • the pressure as a parent of meeting your child's athletic expectations and needs in order for them to get recruited or receive a college scholarship, • not feeling left out as a parent, • the pressure and fear of failure as an athlete and/or coach, • fear of not getting recruited into college or going pro, • a nagging illness or injury, • an injury that may have ended your career, • jealous teammates, • an unfair coaches decision, • a failing marriage or relationship, • pressure of not agreeing with the coaching staff, • pressure of not agreeing with your athletes, • your team has lost all its games, • the team owner is on your back about loss games, • and the fear of losing your job. These are examples of the secret lives of athletes and coaches that is never told, or ever brought out until it's too late. "The Locker Room Experience" helps the struggling athlete and coach deal with these struggles of life, relationships, pressure as an athlete and coach, gives tips on how to get recruited, and helps you to triumph and win over each of them; and become better athletes and coaches. 


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