Church Hurt: How to Heal & Overcome it

Church Hurt: How to Heal & Overcome it
  • Item #: 9781937911546
By, Stephanie Franklin
Religion: Christian Church Growth
Soft Cover
ISBN: 9781937911546
pp. 126 
Millions of people across the globe are wounded and are hurting because of church hurt. Some remain in the church for the sake of nowhere else to go, while others run out never returning. Millions of Christians can identify with this book. "Church Hurt" is from a realist point of view. It grabs the heart of the truth about what really goes on in the church that hinders, helps those who have been wounded to be real, to heal, and to fully recover. Church Hurt also provides a reference of scripture reading that will help those to release and receive total freedom. The church has malfunctioned and has gone away from the true call of the function of the church. It has formatted itself to fit the people's selfish desires, rather than the desire and the call that God has placed on the church. God never ordained the church to function from a flesh state, but from a Spirit state. As a result, it has formulated what is called a click spirit-organizational groupings, rather than the leading and the grouping of the Holy Spirit. Church Hurt explains how the people of God and the body of Christ that make up the church is on a mandate to grab a hold of the heart of God, His plan and purpose for His church; and to bring His anointing and power of His Holy Spirit back in the hurting church. God is full of mercy and grace. He wants to give the church the complete victory in every area where it has been contaminated and stolen. He wants to heal and restore those who have been wounded, hurt, abused, and pushed out of the church to be restored. 


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